The e-car called Me, which is also offered as a pickup and van, is content with a top speed of around 80 km / h and a range of about 150 km.

e-car called Me
The London-based manufacturer brings out the two-seater mini-electric-car in three performance or battery variants: The Me with lead acid battery is available as a variant with 3.5 kW engine and up to 45 km / h for 8,000 pounds (about 9,250 euros) and as a variant with 7.5 kW engine and up to 78 km / h for 10,000 pounds (around 11,550 euros) in the trade. In addition, there will be a Me with 10 kWh lithium battery with analog performance data (7.5 kW, 78 km / h) for 12,500 pounds (about 14,450 euros). Order start in May - initially only in the UK.

Incidentally, the range of around 150 km applies to the lithium version, the other two model types have a smaller range of action. In terms of dimensions, the Me has a compact format of 2.2 x 1.3 m and is therefore intended to occupy only half of the parking space of conventional cars. In contrast, Siticars recommends the electric car not drive on the highway in view of its moderate top speed. Charging is expected to take around four to six hours with a 10 kWh lithium battery on a household socket.
According to his own information, Siticars currently produces about 50 vehicles per month, but is able to increase the volume twenty times.

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