Harley-Davidson's latest e-bikes are designed for commuters

Harley-Davidson opts for a lighter design as it aims to expand its audience with the release of two new all-electric bike concepts

Designed to cater to both the urban commute and off-road rides, both models are lightweight, agile, and feature a fully electric powertrain that offers instant acceleration.

While one model has a more traditional, racer-like design reminiscent of a dirt bike, the other boasts a more relaxed, user-friendly aesthetic, akin to electric city-bikes.

The motorcycle giant wanted to harness it's signature style in a more nimble design, without sacrificing its characteristically powerful motor, but is yet to give either concept a name.

Harley-Davidson aims to attract a new, more modern-day audience with these latest concepts through ease of use. They have eliminated the clutch and gears, and instead introduced a "twist and go" throttle operation.

The bikes are powered by compact electric batteries that can be removed and "single-hand-carried" to the place the rider intends to charge it – which is done using a charging dock that plugs into any standard household power outlet.

Via: dezeen