e.GO Life for the Police in Aachen, Germany

Police Aachen in Germany float four e.GO Life



A few days ago, Aachen police chief Dirk Weinspach presented four new e.GO Life for the police of the city in North Rhine-Westphalia. The vehicles are to be used primarily in the city center by the district and investigative services, crime prevention and advertising and selection services. The electric cars would not serve as a replacement, but as a modern addition to the vehicle fleet, according to a message.

"We want to keep up with the times, be a modern police force and send a strong signal with the introduction of electromobility by a regional provider," said Police President Weinspach. "We will be able to gain important experience in order to advance the development process in the field of e-mobility and reduced-emission transportation for the police."

There is no further information on the purchased version of the e.GO Life. For a few weeks now, the model has been available as a Life 40+ and a Life 60 with a range of 122 and 139 kilometers according to the WLTP standard.

Via: ecomento
Images: Polizei Aachen, Germany