Human Horizons introduces first electric car HiPhi 1

The Chinese electric car startup with global ambitions Human Horizons has introduced the new HiPhi brand and outlined its first model: the "super sports car inspired" HiPhi 1 premium SUV with 5G support and over 500 sensors.

The HiPhi 1, which is equipped with a computer "super brain" can, according to the developers, analyze large amounts of data and make decisions through cloud computing and data analysis, making it a "truly intelligent smart vehicle". Inside the HiPhi 1 there is an asymmetrical dashboard with multiple displays, including touchscreens, and seating for six. The rear passengers can pass the time with their own screens.

The 5.2-meter HiPhi 1 is designed to support Tier 3 autonomous driving. With regard to the electric drive, the vendor offers versions with rear and four-wheel drive system in view. The top version with two 200 kW (272 hp) electric motors should allow acceleration from zero to one hundred in four seconds. The largest of several planned batteries with 96 kWh capacity is to provide a load for more than 640 kilometers range.

The HiPhi 1 should be produced in a separate "Smart Factory" from the end of 2020 and start in China. Prices have not yet been announced. It is also still unclear from when the vehicle is to be sold in other markets.

The parent company of HiPhi Human Horizons was founded 18 months ago and has its own data according to currently more than 700 employees in seven countries. The company works together with renowned suppliers such as Bosch, Continental, Siemens, Dassault and CATL for its Stromer technology.


Images: HiPhi 1