BMW's main plant in Munich no longer builds combustion engines

BMW is converting the main plant in Munich to e-mobility. The group is also realigning other locations: combustion engine production is moving abroad

A fully electric car for every German location.

"Each of our German branches will be producing at least one fully electric vehicle by the end of 2022," promises Production Director Milan Nedeljković. In addition to the electrification strategy, BMW is also realigning the production network for other reasons. The company names digitalization, the efficiency of processes and structures in addition to sustainability in production and logistics.

Hungary is building the new e-platform first

In Dingolfing, Leipzig and Regensburg, the automobile company is currently preparing to manufacture battery modules and high-voltage batteries from 2021. At the same time, capacities for the construction of the drive housing are being increased at the Steyr site. For the time being, the most important plant for the BMW Group's electric ambitions is being built in Hungary: In Debrecen, production of the new vehicle architecture, which is designed for electric drives, is to start in the future. From 2025 it will then be "rolled out in the global production network", says Nedeljković.

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