BMW and Daimler want to work together in the future on Carsharing and self-drive technology.

The "fast, global scaling" of the new business model should also focus on electromobility. Daimler's Car2Go service already offers all-electric car sharing with Strom's Smart, for example in Stuttgart. The BMW brand DriveNow offers in addition to gasoline and diesel vehicles rides with the electric car compact car i3.
The cooperation of the competitors could later go much further: According to media reports, the premium providers are thinking about building common platforms for upcoming models - including electric cars.
"The goal of this transaction is to become one of the leading providers of innovative mobility services," said BMW and Daimler in a joint statement.
Compared to the industry leader Tesla or the plans of the Volkswagen Group with the modular MEB E-car kit, the e-mobility projects of BMW and Daimler are in need of improvement. A cooperation could provide both companies comparatively cost-efficient and promptly with the latest electric car technology.

Foto: Daimler (Symbolbild)
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