We try to do simple things
in harmony with nature


Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity reffers to a complex, strategic concept to coordinate the contence and shape of all corporate activity to create a personal, unique, distinct, original, easy recognisable image.

Corporate Design, as core of the Corporate Identity defines the visual aspect of the company starting with the logo, through all the printing advertising and up to internet image and website.

Creating the logo in green, shows our dedication to nature. The leaf in a circle simbolizes the green planet that we wish to protect. Inside you find the letter „e” from „ecologic” and a small „v”, the tick that means aproved, accepted.

All these details and many more linked to the name of „e-tea” are part of a whole and round up our corporate image.

Our entire team supports this and tries in all instances to act in accordance with the green corporate’s philosophy.



Our products are highly competitive due to latest High Tech innovations, exquisite design and marketing strategies provided by our international team with members from Romania, Germany, USA and Canada.

The strategic goal of our design and marketing team is to create modern, innovative, original products by using latest technology and as many natural, recyclable materials as possible.

Moreover we aim to be efficient and internationally competitive and by proud of our vehicles made in Romania.

  • Design
  • High Tech
  • Ecological
  • Marketing
  • Efficiency
  • Reliability