Christian Barnes
Christian BarnesFounder & Chairman


From Me to You

I had the chance to be born in a very little polluted country, surrounded by lots of green parcs, forests, mountains, plains and clean waters that kept a good balance between the emited CO2 and the, oh so necessary, O2. Meanwhile I ended up living in big poluted cities where air is unbreathable because of the many cars, getting even more by the minute. Creating latest technology electric vehicles in order to protect the environment is one of the main reasons why I decided to start this Design & Engineering venture.
Our team was “assembled” on the basis of high professional skills but is held together by the passion to contribute to cleaner, less polluted air in our cities. Besides, all of us are keen in finding innovative solution in using as many recyclable materials as possible and we brain storm often on this topic.


Our Core Values

Our products are highly competitive due to latest High Tech innovations, exquisite design and marketing strategies provided by our international team with members from Romania, Germany, USA and Canada.



Our Vision For the Future

We wish to inspire the most possible of our co-citizen, from cities, towns or country side to understand the importance of environment preservation and recycling and of taking care of the world we live in. One of the action in this direction would be using electrical vehicles.

Green Investment

We tend to use domestic raw materials in order to avoid long deliveries implying bigger polution.

Green Resources

Vehicle bodies and interiors are up to 70-90% made of recyclables and nature friendly components.

Corporate Philosophy

Why Us?

If you landed on this second page and read about us means that you are attracted by our  corporate philosophy. So, to summ up:

We all experience global climate change and even though countries have signed various international agreements on this topic and organize plenty of conferences we can not leave this important issues in the hands of politics. These problems will not be solved by declarations only. Each and every one of us needs to take action in order to help nature find its balance again.

Bearing this in mind we started our first mutual project to create ecological products.

The design of our electrical vehicles is based on thourough research of our clients needs concerning urban and rural transportation, at the same time keeping the all european regulations in mind.

The Prototipes are created and produced by a team of enthusiastic, multinational designers who are passionate about ecology. Most of their time was donated to our project.

The thrill of realy building ecological objects caught over to the engineers and technicians who are now part of our team and very enthusiastic in finding fitting solutions. Without them we could not have been able to so elegantly solving some of the problems we encountered.

We always welcome new, talented young people from various fields of activity such as IT, Mechanics, Electrotechnics, Chemistry, etc.

Our research concerning this new typ of engines is based on the last inventions and innovations promoted by the car industry all over the world.

Especially on the technology trend promoted by the famous Elon Musk with his well renowned “Tesla”. He actually succeded to convince due to the efficency and sustainability of his projects and give a major push towards investing in producing electrical vehicles.


Our Activities

A quick look behind the scene…